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Use your mobile to download videos you love directly to your device with a click

Use your mobile to download videos you love directly to your device with a click

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Program license: Free

Program by: Vidmate

Version: 5.0429

Works under: Android

Also available for Windows


Program license

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VidMate is a free Android app that lets you download HD movies and stream live TV channels.

VidMate is an ad-supported free app for Android, which means that you can download it and use it as much and as often as you like. VidMate is a media discovery app, and it helps you discover that content from more than 1,000 web services online. It searches top video services like YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. It searches social platforms like Facebook and Tumblr. It accesses cloud-based services, such as SoundCloud, and it reaches services that are not accessed through conventional websites.

Perhaps the main allure of VidMate is access HD movies, HD television programs and music. You can download these files to your device and have some control over the quality depending on what the source offers. Videos can have resolutions as lows as 240p in some cases, which may be preferable when you want to minimize the transfer speed and the file size. Files can also be downloaded in the largest resolution available, and you can even stream as well as stream plus download. Be mindful that streaming requires a much better Internet connection and is probably only viable on Wi-Fi.

VidMate also provides access to more than 200 television channels that are streamed live. Note that American users seeking out their home channels may be disappointed, but there are some out there. The streaming requirements for live TV are not as high as for movies since the quality is lower, and the app can actually adjust quality on the fly in order to ensure a viewable experience.

Downloads are quite fast up to what your connection will allow. On a home broadband connection, we were actually quite surprised at the speeds we were achieving. The app has a search bar that will search all known sites by default. Even in this scenario, the search is quite fast. You can, however, limit your search to a particular site, such as YouTube, or a subset of sites. If you prefer to peruse, you can browse based on categories or even look at lists of the most popular content being accessed.

Overall, the quality on mobile is quite impressive. The app has a small footprint. It did not seem to be either resource- or battery-intensive. You can pause and resume downloads. We never experienced corrupted files, and on fast connections, you can even download multiple files simultaneously.

If we have a gripe it is that VidMate has no conversion capabilities. Whatever format a video or audio file is in, you have to accept it as such or use another app. In addition, while it probably goes without saying, an app like VidMate does provide you access to illegal content. The app includes no safeguards for users who want to avoid having such content come up in their search results.


  • Freeware
  • Download HD movies
  • Stream live television channels


  • Limited file format support